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Cannes Lions Day 1: How Will AI and Creative Work Together?

Swayable on stage with SS+K, Campaign US, and Extreme Reach
If there’s one topic of 2023, it’s AI. So it made sense to discuss how AI will affect marketing and creativity at the Cannes Lions festival this year.

3 Takeaways from our first Cannes session

1. AI is a tool. It’s not a replacement for marketers; it will help make marketers more effective.

In our first Cannes session, Swayable CEO and co-founder James Slezak took the stage with Campaign US’s Alison Weissbrot, Extreme Reach’s Louisa Wong and SS+K’s Stevie Archer to discuss AI and personalization.

Per Stevie Archer:

“From a creative perspective, the challenge has always been the at-scale part, the more things you have to make for different people, the [more expensive and time consuming it is].”

With AI, you can scale up creative development, and personalize them across audience segments.

Speaking of segments….

2. AI-driven personalization will help match the right storytelling to the right segments.

Per James Slezak:

“People think of personalization as everyone gets their own thing… but in the marketing industry that’s not what it means. You still have to tell stories. The question is what kinds of segmentations are relevant, and what stories are going to move [these segments] to achieve your business goal.”
3. AI will help us tell better stories by quantifying what works, faster

Per Louisa Wong:

“I’d like to shift from media ROI to creative ROI… with generative AI, we can start to see in real time, what messaging and storytelling is actually valuable… If you can start to act on that data, you can tell better stories.”

What do you think about the future of AI and creativity?