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Fast Consumer Insights Are Essential In Agile Marketing

4 different creative concepts are shown with brand lift and consideration metics
Pre-testing early stage creative allows decision makers to make necessary adjustments to creative early on in the development process, saving time and money.

Marketing campaigns require resources to plan, produce, and promote creative that goes through many phases of development and iteration before it is launched. Once content is in-market, changes can be made, but money is being wasted and the resources that went into the original creative can become a sunk cost. This is why leading consumer brands are implementing agile marketing techniques: building creative development and rapid consumer impact testing in tandem to produce campaigns that drive far greater results than have ever been possible under older, linear approaches.

Consumer insights research and impact testing for a new product, new campaign, or new target audience is a classic strategy. It has been employed for decades in various forms from focus groups, to phone banking, to surveys. Now in the digital age, the consumer insights industry has invested more in digital surveys as a scalable way to test creative with large sample sizes and diverse audiences. With this new technology, came the opportunity to employ experimental methodologies to produce quantitative results at a speed that had never been accessible before with traditional methods.

Swayable was born on the idea that marketing teams and decision makers should have robust, fast, and scientifically backed consumer impact test results for creative ads in any stage of the development process, in as little as 24 hrs in the field. With a faster turnaround time, marketing teams are able to make proactive changes to campaign content, improving messaging effectiveness and their ability to overachieve on campaign goals.

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