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Fine-Tune Your Decision Making with Swayable Benchmarks

Swayable Benchmarks Screenshot on iPad

How do your assets perform against benchmarks? At Swayable, we’re constantly working on improvements to our platform and user experience to enable enhanced reporting and increased customization. 

Today, we are excited to announce a significant update to our Benchmark feature. In this update, you can expect:

  • Fine-tuned decision-making: Understand how your content performed against industry benchmarks, down to fractions of a percentage point. 
  • Greater flexibility: Customize your benchmarks to match your goals and track the performance of all of the content you’ve tested on Swayable.

How can Benchmarks help you?

Use visual comparisons to Benchmark results 

With Swayable’s updated Benchmarks, you can instantly see the full distribution of performance and where your content ranks, allowing you to move from insights to action quickly. Use our enhanced UX to more easily see how your assets performed against all benchmarks. Clicking into a result shows a benchmark bar bucketed into 5 groups, each representing a 20 percentile range. From green to red, you’ll see precisely how your content performed against industry norms.

View Benchmarks simultaneously across assets and metrics

With the newest visualization, you can compare all your assets and metrics against benchmarks simultaneously, allowing you to spot the assets that exceed your performance thresholds instantly. 

 Swayable's new Benchmarks visualization provides a clear view of which content is outperforming the rest.
Swayable's new Benchmarks visualization provides a clear view of which content is outperforming the rest.
Customize Benchmarks for your organization

With Benchmarks, you’re able to customize your benchmarks to match your goals, allowing you to view benchmarks by industry, content type, specific metrics, and more. You can even view benchmarks for just your brand!

Here’s how to get started

When you use Swayable, you have access to the updated Benchmark feature and hundreds of other features to streamline your testing experience. To see the Benchmark feature for yourself, check out our Apple iPhone 14 demo. If you’re a current customer, log onto your Swayable account and navigate to your most recent test. You will see existing benchmarks automatically applied.

Swayable's updated Benchmarks interface is designed to provide essential information at a glance without distractions. It's about giving you the insights you need quickly. And then, once you have real data to suggest what ads will perform the best, put those into the market against your ad spend. Swayable customers love this and have seen a 2-10X performance improvement in their ad conversions since they started using Swayable for pre-testing.

Interested in a live demonstration? Contact to see how Swayable Benchmarks can work for your brand. Implementation can be done in just a few days.