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Frequently Asked Questions About Swayable

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Everything you need to know about Persuasion Intelligence.

What can I test in Swayable?

You can test anything you can see or hear! Typically, clients come to us with video, images, and packaging, but we also test audio, taglines, and general messaging.

What if my content is not finalized? e.g., concepts, messaging, or ideas.

You're in a good position to get the most value out of Swayable, as you can test mockups or messaging directly in the platform and find out which is most persuasive before investing in production costs.

Many clients do iterative testing, where they test multiple rounds of creative to perfect it before launching with media spend. Our client success team can help you set up a messaging or concept test in less than a day.

Fun fact: we tested our own brand messaging (Persuasion Intelligence) against others before developing it into our own marketing campaigns.

Where do your respondents come from? How do you ensure there is no bias?

We aggregate responses from a mix of sources, including rewards apps, mobile games, lifestyle apps, and our own in-house rewards app. Having multiple sources reduces bias from depending on any single audience. We then quality check our respondents, with a 7 step quality check for each (!) respondent. As you'll find out when working with us, accuracy is paramount to our work.

Some of our quality checks include:

Attention-check questions - These ensure respondents are legitimate and focused on the survey (e.g. putting a fake brand as an option, and filtering out respondents who claim to be buyers of this brand).

Quality check filters - These steps remove bots and/or non-legitimate users with (via captcha, IP address matching, deduplications, speed of response, unintelligible responses, locale checking).

Re-weighting and post-stratification - We remove or re-weight  respondents if the sample gets overrepresented (for example, if a client wants a general population sample, but most of the respondents happen to be women, we will remove the oversampled population to ensure the sample matches the desired audience)

What kinds of metrics do I receive?

You can customize your metrics to match what you want to test. For example, Hot Sauce brand Truff included 'Would add to my food' as a metric, while Visit Iceland tested likelihood to dream, plan, and book a trip to Iceland. Most tests start with core marketing and communications metrics, such as Brand Lift, Favorability, Consideration, and Purchase Intent.

Curious about how to pick the right metrics? Our head of client success offers tips here.

How quickly do I get the data?

Marketing moves fast. We can set up, run your test, and share statistically significant results in our dashboard in just 24 hours. That includes control group and 1,000+ respondents per asset when tested on general populations.

In specific cases (e.g. sourcing responses from hard to reach audiences), the timeline might be slightly longer. But speed is one of our key differentiators and we will work with you to get turnaround for quick decisions.

How accurate are the results?

To answer this question, we go to the data. Bain & Company independently verified a 7%+ lift in sales after a CPG client switched to creative selected by Swayable's Persuasion Intelligence platform. And, we would be remiss if we did not use the platform ourselves! We determined our own brand platform 'Persuasion Intelligence' after testing 6 different versions on marketers in Swayable.

How much does Swayable cost?

Plans are designed around your testing needs and volume. Contact us for a demo and we can go over what a test pilot could look like for you.