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How Health-Ade Determined Their Top Performing Creative with Swayable

How Health-Ade determined their top performing creative with Swayable
Situation: How do we drive brand lift and in-store sales?

Kombucha brand Health-Ade was in the middle of developing a new video to market their line of Kombucha. They had recently launched 3 new videos but they weren’t sure how they were translating to their ultimate goals: brand lift and in-store sales.


Help Health-Ade determine which style of creative drives brand lift and in-store sales.


Swayable tested Health-Ade’s 3 videos against the following metrics:

·        Brand metrics: brand recall, interest, and favorability

·        Purchase intent: Kombucha attitude, consideration, and purchase intent

·        Benefits: attributes of kombucha

Each ad was seen by 1,000 unique individuals. A control audience of another 1,000 participants saw an unrelated ad to set the baseline.

After 24 hours, the Swayable platform identified how each concept drove purchase intent and brand lift. Swayable also identified a clear winner: a concept focused on enjoying nachos with the help of Health-Ade kombucha.

Health-Ade kombucha ad test on Swayable's platform
Note: data is illustrative, and client data has been sanitized.

‘Nachos’ scored the highest on brand metrics, improving brand interest, favorability, and brand recall with 99% statistical significance.

The results of the Swayable test provided valuable insights that informed the development of our next campaign spot - Megan Nagle, Director Consumer Insights, Health-Ade

Creating the next spot

Insights from the test helped Health-Ade create their newest video ad, Dinner Party.

We used the Swayable data to inform the creative brief for our next spot. Nachos was simple to understand for consumers and drove a lot of appetite appeal with food pairing in both the live action as well as the animation. In our new spot ‘Dinner Party’, we took inspiration from what we knew worked the hardest thanks to Swayable. - Sandra Heidrich, Senior Director of Brand Marketing
Health-Ade’s winning spot: Nachos
Health-Ade’s new spot: Dinner Party

What else did Health-Ade learn?

Growing category consideration was a key objective for Health-Ade. Using the Swayable platform, Health-Ade could see how their spots increased consideration and purchase intent of kombucha:

Health-Ade Swayable test showing the "Nachos" ad improving brand attributes the most
Note: data is illustrative, and client data has been sanitized.

Finally, the 'Nachos' concept drove the highest awareness of Kombucha benefits

Health-Ade Swayable test showing the "Nachos" ad improving Kombucha Consideration and Kombucha Purchase Intent the most
Note: data is illustrative, and client data has been sanitized.