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SXSW 2024: How Paramount Uses Swayable to Win With Causal Data

Does your organization empower creatives (to take more risks)?

Swayable hosted an insights-filled session at #SXSW with Erin McDonough from Paramount Pictures & Tatenda Musapatike from Voter Formation Project. As Erin said of creatives working with data, “When we’re in a safe testing environment, creatives have the ability to really throw a lot of things out there and see what works. This can be a safe space where we can try many different ideas that creatives might not feel comfortable with going straight to market - it’s a way to vet it.”

To learn about why marketers need data that proves cause and effect, how experimentation empowers creatives to take more risks, and why you should build an iterative testing process, check out the full video below.