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The Rise of Brand Advertising: Insights from YouTube's Q2 Results

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YouTube's recent release of its Q2 results has us at Swayable buzzing with excitement. The platform's advertising revenue surged by an impressive 4.4%, surpassing earnings estimates. While this growth is remarkable, what stands out is the driving force behind it - brand advertising. Alphabet Inc. and Google CFO Ruth Porat emphasized how brand advertising was the catalyst behind YouTube's second-quarter success.

However, amidst this trend, a question lingers - how do we measure brand advertising? Performance marketing, true to its namesake, offers tangible metrics, but quantifying brand advertising's effectiveness requires a unique approach.

The Measurability of Brand Advertising

Brand advertising is, in fact, highly measurable.

YouTube can tell you who viewed your ad and how many times. Swayable can tell you if your ad changed their minds.

The Power of Brand Advertising

Brand advertising transcends the traditional sales pitch by evoking feelings and sentiments that resonate with consumers on a deeper level. This emotional connection leads to long-term loyalty and revenue by building mental awareness and consideration that more lower funnel marketing can harvest later on.

As YouTube's Q2 results demonstrate, brand advertising is rising in importance. By combining the data insights provided by platforms like YouTube with persuasion tools like Swayable, brands can gauge the effectiveness of their brand campaigns accurately.