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Webinar Recording: “How To Build An Agile Creative Testing Program For Your Brand”

We recently sat down with Swayable CEO & Co-founder James Slezak, CEO for the Swayable Insights webinar, “How To Build An Agile Creative Testing Program For Your Brand,” to learn best practices and innovative ideas on how to build agile, creative testing programs. In the webinar, James and his co-host, Swayable Senior Client Success Manager Taylar Pompey Harrington, provided a deep dive into the importance of pre-testing digital media and offered actionable strategies for marketers.

Here are some key takeaways for your testing and messaging strategy:

  1. Agile marketing delivers big returns for upper-funnel campaigns
  2. You need the right data and processes
  3. Getting started is easy


Agile creative testing offers a transformative approach to marketing, enabling brands to craft messages that truly resonate with their audiences. Marketers can drive better results and stay ahead in a competitive landscape by focusing on big ideas, leveraging data, and adopting agile practices.

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