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What is Swayable, and Why Do Brands Use It?

Mock-up of Swayable's platform on an Apple iPad
What is Swayable?

Swayable is a creative pre-testing platform that allows marketers, campaign managers, and communications leaders to answer the question 'what changes minds?' by testing their messaging using randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

  • 1,000s of respondents
  • 24 hour results
  • Test any content: messaging, mockups, packaging, video, out of home

Why do clients use Swayable?

Most clients use Swayable for multiple purposes. But the top (3) use cases are:

1. Select the most persuasive concepts

Swayable's platform allows marketers to test their communications against metrics like brand lift, consideration, purchase intent, and even customize their own metrics. Hot sauce brand Truff tested (2) TV concepts in Swayable against the metric of 'Would add to my food.' The winning concept went live for Truff's first TV campaign.

A comparison of campaign idea 1 and campaign idea 2, showing the latter outperforming the former.
Truff found one campaign video significantly outperformed another on the metrics of 'purchase intent' and 'would add to my food'

2. Identify the most persuadable audiences

Clients use Swayable to tell which audiences their content will resonate with, so they can consolidate media spend on the most persuadable customers.

A list of attributes measured within the Swayable platform shows those under 35, or in the Midwest, are most likely to try this product.
Swayable helps marketers identify which segments are most swayed by their messaging - which helps with targeting and media buying

3. Iterate from idea to final creative

The brands that get the most out of Swayable embed testing early on in their creative process, testing initial messaging, concepts and finished creative. The upfront investment in multiple tests ensures the final output is effective, targeted, and most importantly, persuasive.

3 different options for messaging, concept, and creative are shown for Thomas' English Muffins ads
Thomas' English Muffins tested messaging, concept mockups, and final creative in Swayable before going live with their final campaign